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One of Nepal’s leading higher secondary schools, AHS fosters environment that prepares students for meaningful learning at higher education institutions and fulfilling citizenship in the 21st century world.

Ace Academics

Academic Development

Every individual differs in his or her learning style and we have translated this understanding in our teaching methodology.

Different teaching techniques are used in the class to help our students understand better, learn quickly and perform well. As per the lesson requirements, questions are asked to generate general class discussions. Group discussions are conducted where each student is required to give his/her opinions. Active participation in these discussions help students build their analytical capacities and their confidence in expressing themselves. Individual and group projects are also assigned whereby students learn to research, gain a deeper understanding of the subject and report accurately.

Frequent monitoring of each student’s progress is conducted throughout the year. Term examinations of 100 marks are conducted every three months.

Before the board examination, a sent-up examination is conducted to prepare the students for the final board examination. A student is required to secure a minimum of 40% in the overall internal evaluation to qualify to appear in the Higher Secondary Board Examination.

The best academic performers and students participating in extra curricular activities are rewarded to motivate them to work hard, make consistent progress and develop into mature, responsible individuals.

Monitoring Progress
  • Guest Speakers

    Managers and Leaders from different sectors are invited as guests to share ideas with students. Experiences shared by these guest speakers encourage students to understand the relevance and importance of classroom learning to real life.

  • Non Credit Courses

    Non credit courses such as Goal setting, Leadership skills, Computing skills, Presentation skills are conducted which help students identify their strengths and weaknesses more fully, and develop strong foundation required to complete their courses successfully.

  • Project Based Learning (PBL)

    Students are required and encouraged to working in groups, analyzing problems, making choices, monitoring progress, and applying their learning in real world.

  • Treks, Tours and Industrial Visits

    Treks, tours and industrial visits within and outside the country are some events that help students redefine themselves, freshen up from the daily hustle-bustle of the city life while strengthening their relationship with schoolmates and coming back with some new vigor for life as well as interesting stories to share with.


The after-school clubs at AHS provides students the opportunity to acquire skills they do not ordinarily get during regular hours in school. The activities are done during after class hours throughout the year. Students are encouraged to create their own clubs depending on their particular interests.

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