After School Clubs

The after-school clubs at AHS provides students the opportunity to acquire skills they do not ordinarily get during regular hours in school. The activities are done during after class hours throughout the year. Students can choose from a variety of options; the activity that is of special interest to them. These clubs provide excellent networking opportunities for students and a place to meet other people with similar interests and ideas, along with an opportunity for students to take on leadership roles.

Students are also encouraged to create their own clubs depending on their particular interests.

Arts Club : The Arts club aims to give students the opportunity to express themselves in a non-academic setting. Club members meet once in every fifteen days after school to explore a variety of art mediums like painting, sketching, paper art, pottery, Fabric painting etc . The students also organize workshops, creative competitions or exhibitions.

Social Service Club : The Social Service club is involved in giving back to the community through service projects. The club helps the student to become socially committed, pro-active and concerned citizens.  Since its establishment, the club members have put themselves at the services of the less fortunate members of our society and contribute in nation building directly or indirectly at their level. It has also helped to raise awareness on different social issues. The club also organizes a week’s social camp to help a community school in rural areas.

Green club: Green club in AHS works towards making the school more Eco friendly and for awareness of social issues like Global warming and try to take some steps to prevent them. It provides a forum for those who are concerned about the environment and offers many different options as to how to act on the energy and waste issues our world faces today. The club is engaged in creating awareness programs inside the school and organizes activities like classroom cleanliness campaigns, recycling, plantation etc

Travel and Expedition Club: The club provides students with fun and productive excursions. Activities include camping; rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, bungee jumping etc.  This club is for students who love adventure and outdoors. Club members are involved in planning and organizing weekend getaways and also coordinate the Annual school tour.

Theater  Club : AHS Theater Club provides a platform for the members to work as a          co-operative  team in the mounting of  one major theatrical performance annually. Students plan, act, design, learn and manage the entire process under the supervision of a Director. Members also direct their own mini-productions, conduct fundraisers, take theater trips, and attend workshops. The Drama Club is a great place to indulge in fantasy, study human nature, and make lasting friendships.

Sports Club: Sports club is for Students who enjoy sports. Members of this club are responsible for planning & organizing training and practice sessions and competitions for different sports events in the school.

Movie/Video Club : The Movie/Video Club is a club that meets to work on creating and editing different types of films and video projects such as documentaries & short movies. The club arranges for sessions with experts where they learn to use their production and editing equipment. The club also showcases movies every Friday and puts up movie reviews in the Notice board.                     

Music and Cultural Club: Music and cultural club provides a platform to students to express themselves through music and dance. Activities like singing, playing instruments, listening to music, dancing, and aerobics serve as the best means to recreate. Members of this Club are involved in planning and organizing dance and music related workshops and events in the school.

Photography Club:  The club aims to develop and improve photographic skills among its members. It is a common platform for interested students to learn, share and explore photography skills. The club also provides trainings, conduct workshops and outdoor programs.

Event Management Club: The event management club is involved in planning and organizing the School events and will act as a liaison between the school administration and students. The club consists of 20 members, 2 from each section from both Grade xi & xii. The members are elected through student’s and management’s vote.

Creative Writing Club: Creative writing club is for students who are interested in writing. The club aims to encourage members to explore their creativity, imagination and writing skills to communicate with the media of writing. Club activities mainly consist of meetings and workshops during which time they critique each others’ work in a constructive manner, discuss writing technique, and explore various writing prompts. Members are also engaged in planning and publishing the school’s newsletters and magazines.

How to be a club member?

 Being a member of these clubs is easy:

1. Each club puts up a notice in the beginning of the session for enrolling new members.

2. Interested students simply have to fill up the forms and submit it to the club Coordinator.

3. Students would be selected after the screening of forms and a short interview.

Note: It is imperative for the club members to attend club meetings and participate and volunteer in club activities. Failing to do so will result in automatic cancellation of the club membership. A student can take up memberships of maximum three clubs in a year.

 How can I start a club of my Interest?

1. Submit a proposal of the club to the School Coordinator.

2. If the proposal is feasible, the club can be started.