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Courses Offered

CHOICE I: Management major MARKETINGCHOICE II: Management major Computer Science
English (Compulsory)*English (Compulsory)*
Nepali (Compulsory)*Nepali (Compulsory)*
Social Studies OR Compulsory Mathematics (Compulsory)* Compulsory Mathematics (Compulsory)*
Marketing (Elective III)*Computer Science (Elective IV)*
Business Studies (Elective II)*Business Studies (Elec II)*
Business Mathematics (Elec IV) OR Accountancy (Elec I)Marketing OR Economics (Elec II)
CHOICE III: Management major Hospitality
CHOICE IV: CORE Management
English (Compulsory)*English (Compulsory)*
Nepali (Compulsory)*Nepali (Compulsory)*
Social OR Compulsory Mathematics (Compulsory)* Social OR Compulsory Mathematics(Compulsory)*
Hotel Management (Elective IV)*Accounting (Elective I)*
Marketing (Elective III)*Economics (Elective III)*
Business Studies (Elective II)
OR Accounting (Elective I)
Business Studies (Elective II) OR Business Mathematics (Elec IV)

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