About Us

One of Nepal’s leading higher secondary schools, AHS fosters environment that prepares students for meaningful learning at higher education institutions and fulfilling citizenship in the 21st century world.

Ace Higher Secondary had been running under the umbrella of Ace Institute of Management until it spun off on April, 2014 as Ace Higher Secondary School. In 18 years it has established itself as one of the leading higher secondary programs in management in Nepal and is best known for its student centered learning environment.

Though the courses covered are as prescribed by the HSEB, the education board we are affiliate to, in our delivery we do not limit ourselves to the prescribed course outline. Further, learning provided through wide variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities is one of the distinguishing features of Ace Higher Secondary program. On graduation from the program, students are well prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

Our Learning Philosophies

  • We learn more when we assume responsibility for and self-regulate our learning.
  • Learning never ends if we avoid intellectual arrogance and embrace intellectual humility.
  • We learn more if we compete only with self and cooperate and collaborate with others.
  • Learning is a choice; with mental effort and persistence everyone can learn.

Our Values

  • Honesty in work
  • Sincerity in relationships
  • Respect for self and others
  • Responsibility for one’s actions
  • Reflecting on and learning from our experience
  • Care for resources
  • Respect for laws and regulations

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