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Kaleidoscope 2018

Kaleidoscope 2018

Kaleidoscope 2018

“Kaleidoscope-2018 – It became one of the most memorable Kaleidoscope for Ace Higher Secondary till date, as we acers lifted the home-trophy for the very first time proving best among the participating 40 prestigious schools throughout Nepal”

Year 2011 – it all started with an idea! An idea to give a platform for students where they can come together, enjoy togetherness and show their talent. Team-AHS sat together and then that idea was transformed into a reality which was called ‘Kaleidoscope 2011’. That year, our students and staffs worked really hard to organize the event with 15 schools participating in the very first Kaleidoscope.

Since then, years have passed, but the zeal and enthusiasm remained the same. Kaleidoscope kept on becoming bigger and grander keeping its gusto to provide a fun-cum-talent platform for students. From 2011 to 2018, it has grown from 15 schools to 40 schools, from Kathmandu-level to National-level.

Kaleidoscope-2018 – It kick-started with Basketball tournament of boys and girls. Every single participant showed their sportsman spirit and it was indeed a great neck-to-neck competition. Next event followed was eloquent competitions (quiz, debate and dumb-charade) where all participants worked and showcased their aptitude working in a team.
Finally came the day that everyone was waiting for i.e. 17th Feb, 2018 – the grand finale day, venue being International Club, Sanepa. The grand Stage was set, seats were reserved and organizers-team was ready to host the biggest-ever inter-college event till date. From early morning, organizers and volunteers were at venue working hard looking after last-minute touch-ups for the event.

The day started with Arts-competitions (sketching, painting & photography), where passion for art was shone through with inspiring art-works by the talented participants.
It was then time for stage-events whom everyone was eagerly waiting for. With opening-fashion show, the stage-events started with a bang. After the show, emcees announced for next event which was ‘Solo-Song’, where singers made audience dance to their tunes. Following that was the ‘football-juggling show’ by our student Riwaj Thakuri who won hearts of audience with his superb balancing-skills. After that it was time for ‘Solo-Dance’ where dancers got cheers and hooting for their great moves.

The event was followed by a short-break where all the audience was welcomed by food-stalls to quench their thirst and hunger.

After the break, it was ‘Band-competition’ where future rockstars made audience groove to their performance. The band-competition was judged by Nepal’s great drummer Mr. Dev Rana. The Band-competition was followed by ‘Group-Dance’ where dancers danced in great co-ordination and creativity. Audience’s eyes were literally glued to the performances throughout their dance.
The competition then drew close with much awaited “Fashion Show” which has become synonym to acers. As expected, acers won the fashion-show 8th time in a row, continuing the history. This marked the end of all stage-events.

It was time for closing-ceremony. The program officially ended with thank-you speech from our Director-Student Development followed by award-distribution to all the winners. Winners were handed their respective medals and certificates by our Principal. And then came the moment for which everyone was waiting for i.e. ‘College of the tournament’ award which Ace Higher Secondary won for the very first-time in Kaleidoscope history. All the proud winners, volunteers and organizers rushed to stage to get their hands of the winner-trophy amidst applause and cheers of the huge audience. The eyes of the winners had joy of winning and tears of happiness which is beyond explanation in words.

Kaleidoscope-2018 was indeed a great success. The credit definitely goes the hard toil work by all the staffs, organizers, volunteers and participants who made an idea into reality. Everyone took with them a great life-time memory within their hearts about the event called Kaleidoscope.

-Bipul Raj Manandhar