The scenario of education is changing drastically all around the world. From the old theoretical teaching learning system to modern practical learning system, the teaching learning process has been restructured and reformed continually. The ultimate purpose of this restructuring and reformation is to add more value to the overall education system.

Project Based Learning (PBL) method is one important dimension of this practical learning system. For the holistic development of students, AHS has adopted PBL method from the very beginning. This method basically fosters the practicality of learning system through different project activities. The projects are based on the real-world scenarios where the students get the chance to explore and learn things beyond their classroom settings. The projects can be anything like field visit reports, teamwork activities, research works, event management, interviews report etc.

With this rigorous learning methodology, we aim to enhance various skill sets in our students like analytical skills, team work skills, problem solving skills, decision making ability, creativity, time management skills, networking skills and many more. So far, the practical nature of this methodology has helped our students in acquiring valuable knowledge to thrive in this competitive world.

Students are anytime facilitated by the teaching faculties as well as the management team in effectively carrying forward the projects. They are continuously monitored and guided to accomplish the projects successfully as well as to enrich the learning process.

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