In taking a lead role in organizing events, students learn to take initiatives, make decisions, lead and become team players as well as help to add value to personal and academic development.

AHS Fete

The AHS fete is a part of the “AHS Annual Event”. The fete is organized with a vision of providing AHS students with an opportunity to unleash their creative streak and to continue the AHS culture of promoting the event management. The fete has been a motivating factor for all the students of Ace Higher Secondary School to showcase their varied talents. Students set up different food & Game stalls and different competitions like Digital movie, Mad Ads, Music, Fashion show, Dance etc is held.


Out of the classroom learning is a proven method of allowing students to better understand theories which they learn in the classroom. These trips allow students to travel to different places around and hence educate them to better understand the cultures and heritage of our fellow human beings across the globe. A recreation cum education trip is organized annually for students of Grade xii during the winter vacation.


Indoor & Outdoor Sports enhance the abilities of the student and develop challenging spirits. Students at AHS can train and participate in varied sport events like Basketball, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess etc.

Student Magazine

The student Magazine ‘Exposition’ is written, edited and published by the students of Ace Higher Secondary School. The magazine contains various topics like news, trends, opinions, entertainment, reviews and sports. Further, students sell advertising space to different organizations and raise funds to publish the magazine.


“Kaleidoscope” is the Annual Inter School festival of Ace Higher Secondary School. This Mega event is held with an objective to create a platform for students of Higher Secondary levels in Kathmandu to showcase their talents. We believe it also acts to build friendly relations with other Schools. Ace Higher Secondary´s first Inter School festival “Kaleidoscope 2011” was held in December 30, 2011 in Nepal Academy hall. The event was an enormous success. The event had various competitions like Painting, Sketching, Kitemaking, Quiz, Debate, Photography, Digital Ad, Dance, Music and Fashion show. There were various food and game stalls and an outstanding performance by 1974 AD .A total of 25 Schools participated in the event.


Event Management Team

The event management team is involved in planning and organizing the School events and will act as a liaison between the school administration and students. The club consists of 20 members, 2 from each section from both Grade XI and XII. The members are elected through student´s and management´s vote.

Students’ Council

Students’ Council works closely with the AHS Management team. The council students play an instrumental role in providing feedbacks about the over all aspects of a class including general classroom management, student´s general and specific behaviors, class order, teaching and learning progress and effectiveness of our program. The club consists of 20 members, 2 from each section from both Grade XI and XII. The members are elected through student´s and management´s vote.

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