Personal Development

In taking a lead role in organizing events,

Action Learning

We adopt the action learning pedagogy in our classrooms.

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The after-school clubs at AHS provides


One of Nepal’s leading higher secondary schools, AHS fosters environment that prepares students for meaningful learning at higher education institutions and fulfilling citizenship in the 21st century world.

Live the Aceperience

Life at Ace is vibrant enjoyable and full of wonderful learning opportunities. One of the key ingredients of Aceperience is the discipline of balancing: our students extensively engage in co-curricular activities and learn important life skills, even while they work for achieving academic excellence. Come, live the Aceperience!

After School Club

The after-school clubs at AHS provides students the opportunity to acquire skills they do not ordinarily get during regular hours in school. The activities are done during after class hours throughout the year. Students are encouraged to create their own clubs depending on their particular interests.

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