The after-school clubs at AHS provides students the opportunity to acquire skills they do not ordinarily get during regular hours in school. The activities are done during after class hours throughout the year. Students can choose from a variety of options; the activity that is of special interest to them. These clubs provide excellent networking opportunities for students and a place to meet other people with similar interests and ideas, along with an opportunity for students to take on leadership roles.

Students are also encouraged to create their own clubs depending on their particular interests.

How to be a club member?

Being a member of these clubs is easy:

1. Each club puts up a notice in the beginning of the session for enrolling new members.

2. Interested students simply have to fill up the forms and submit it to the club Coordinator.

3. Students would be selected after the screening of forms and a short interview.

Note: It is imperative for the club members to attend club meetings and participate and volunteer in club activities. Failing to do so will result in automatic cancellation of the club membership. A student can take up memberships of maximum three clubs in a year.

How can I start a club of my Interest?

1. Submit a proposal of the club to the School Coordinator.
2. If the proposal is feasible, the club can be started.

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