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AHS stages annual drama "Sunakeshari"

AHS stages annual drama “Sunakeshari”

AHS stages annual drama "Sunakeshari"

Ace Higher Secondary Mega show “Sunakeshari” – A 500 year old tale of Karnali


December 2015, Ace Higher Secondary School- “Aaha Ghungra bajyo jum jhum Chhina Chhinai ma….Aaha Sunkeshari Maiya Chhina Chhinaima  …”– One could hear the entire school humming these lines. After a short promotional teaser in classes by the theater team; Jhampan, Lale, Naumati, and Pandit Jee were already popular names even before the staging of the mega event on 30th of December 2015 in Nepal Academy Hall. One could easily differentiate the whole school bustling with enthusiasm and excitement for the school’s play “Sunakeshari”.

Theater is a yearly event at our and this year’s edition featured performance—Sunakeshari—marks the seventh year of the school’s event. Prior to this, Ace Higher Secondary performed plays like Conference of the Birds, Mid Summer night’s dream,  Baathi Rani, Aunshiko Raat and Charandas Chor and Alice in wonderland.

“The objective of the annual play is to engender in our students, an appreciation and understanding of theatre and dance and how these art forms have enriched our cultural and aesthetic life. “Says Udhar Shrestha, Vice Principal, Ace Higher Secondary.

Continuing the success of the previous year, this year too the students of “ AHS Theater club” amazed us with their outstanding acting capabilities. This year, the play was all the more special as it was a Nepali Drama based on 500 years old History of Karnali. The drama is written by Satyamohan Joshi and directed by the team of Mandala Theater.

The play carries a very strong message that “beauty is not always a blessing”. The play was filled with moments of laughter and splendor. Told through tales, music and dance, the play was filled with splendor .The colorful costumes were designed in a way that they resemble the traits of different characters. The actors, despite being amateurs amazed us with their outstanding acting capabilities.

Saugat Basnet as “Prajapati”-Sunakeshari’s one sided lover and Bismriti Sharma as “Hudkeli”-The storyteller were outstanding. Shashwat Sharma  as the poor father , Shashwat Regmi as funny  Pandit  and  Shikha Shrestha as Naumati- Prajapati’s outspoken Mother  were very adorable, Mishan as the aggressive King Jhampan and Shishir Chauhan as the cunning Saimal Shahi  were successful in keeping the audience enthralled,  Anna Gurung as Sunakeshari  gives you Goosebumps with each dialogue, Kritisha Prajapati as Sunakeshari’s mother, Sushmita as the  Hudkeli’s Sister are very charming  and all other actors in various roles were very energetic and equally good.

Once again the magic was recreated and we could see the relieved Directors and happy actors after a successful performance and the enthusiastic audiences congratulating the team .The show ended amidst much joy and cheer. However, its imprint is sure to remain afresh in the minds of the audience for a long lone time.

Manisha Tamang, once of the Parents in the audience said, “This is the first time I have attended a theater show. Thanks to Ace Higher Secondary. I was awestruck all the way through. It is astonishing to see these children perform with such refinement.”