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One of Nepal’s leading higher secondary schools, AHS fosters environment that prepares students for meaningful learning at higher education institutions and fulfilling citizenship in the 21st century world.

Aceperience with AHS

Be You

Enriching classroom experiences flourish independent thinking.

It is a platform where individuals without being disrespectful to others can say ‘NO’ while everyone else is saying ‘YES’ or the other way round. Possessing the maturity to differentiate between humility and righteousness, at times when individual opinions are not accepted by the group, our students will take courage from the fact that they made a choice and stood for something which they truly believed in.

One of the key ingredients of Aceperience is the discipline of balancing.

Our students extensively engage in co-curricular activities and learn important life skills, even while they work for achieving academic excellence.  They acquire confidence while they learn the virtue of humility.  They learn to accept responsibility while they learn to know what they are not responsible for.

International Exposure

Today, with the rapid advancement in the areas of technology, travel and communications and with Television, Internet, Social Media and Mobile Technologies connect the students to the world, the world is growing closer together.

Global exposure for students has become a norm in today’s world rather than a luxury. Ace Higher Secondary School has a weeklong International exposure in the yearly calendar. This exposure has a fantastic blend of fun and emphasizes experiential learning and offer both group and self-directed activities that enable students to explore different countries, cultures, and People. This helps our students develop social poise, fueled by the necessity to confront challenges outside a familiar environment.

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