Learning management systems (LMS), Moodle is used by Ace Higher Secondary School to help organize important course information and deliver courses in blended learning module with all the components of a traditional in-person class, including assignments, class resources, and the opportunity for students/learners and teachers/instructors to collaborate, all within a centralized digital learning solution. Moodle is the most widely used LMS in the world, empowering millions of educators. It offers some important benefits that can lead to improved learning outcomes for students. There are over 100,000 implementations of Moodle around the world and over 160 million learners using it.

For Ace using Moodle, management and instructors will create classes, make attendance lists, deliver learning materials, give quizzes, send feedback, and much more. We here at Ace are using Moodle as our learning management system to improve our students/learners learning outcomes, and for the following benefits:

  • Learners have access to learning materials anytime, anywhere. Moodle at Ace is a web-based solution. It also has a robust Moodle Mobile App. This will help students to not just be reliant on physical material on hand and students/learners can progress in learning and participate remotely as well.
  • Ace Moodle will maintain consistency with the content delivery and feedback process. Using Moodle, our teachers/instructors have more ways to ensure that all our students/learners receive access to all types of content. Additionally, our teachers/instructors will be using tools to give feedback to all our students/learners. Our teachers/instructors will set marks rubric tool, and evaluate students/learners’ work on pre-established criteria.
  • Time-savings for teachers/instructors, as Moodle integrates attendance tools, guidebooks/mark sheets, and more. This will aid teachers to focus more on teaching, and students/learners can get better learning at AHS.
  • AHS Moodle blends the physical class with online learning to have maximum output on students. This helps keep all administrative and instructional activities more streamlined, organized and provides the ability to store and track this integral information in one place.
  • AHS Moodle promotes blended learning, as the classroom is not just limited to brick and mortar rooms. Different learning approaches can be incorporated to promote student-centric learning. Courses will be made more dynamic with gamification to positively impact the engagement and overall success of our learners/students.

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